The 4 Worst Things You Can Do To Drive Your Insurance Rates Up

Each of these violations will continue to cost you on insurance for three years after it happens.Let help you with any and all of your current or future insurance needs!

  1. Speeding or Driving Too Slow: Speeding does come out on top here as the worse of the two offenses, but driving too slow makes it closer than you’d think.Nationwide, a speeding ticket will raise your insurance rates 23% a year, whereas a ticket for driving too slow can raise your rates by 21%
  2. Driving with a Suspended License: Getting caught with a suspended license will lead to your rates increasing up to around 62%.
  3. Hit & Run: Leaving the scene of an accident will increase auto insurance premiums more than any other accident or violation, with an average increase of 82%!
  4. DUI: Getting a DUI will increase your premiums more than 70%.

Three of the top four will cause your rates to soar more than $1,000 per year. The best outcome, of course, is to avoid any of these incidents and keep your annual premiums as low as possible.

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