2020 Health Trends

Change is a constant in health care, but in recent years, smart technology has opened the floodgates of medical data and its possibilities for more personalized care.

Here are six developments to keep an eye on and the ways that action today can help people and communities across the United States on their path to better health.

  1. Kidney Care:Early detection and treatment would mean better outcomes and lower costs. 1 in 7 Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease and caring for them uses one in five Medicare dollars. New research is focusing on identification of chronic kidney disease, targeted engagement and ongoing education to help slow disease progression, facilitate more kidney transplants and bring innovations in home dialysis to patients who can benefit from it.
  2. Scrutiny in the Self-Care Market: Interest in wellness products is rapidly growing. So is the consumer need for clarity about what these products actually contain.Americans are taking control of their own health, spending more on fitness, personal care and healthy eating. Part of that trend includes a wider use of dietary supplements, now part of a daily routine for about 75% of U.S. consumers.
  3. Digital Revolution:Smart devices and machine learning will transform the delivery of health care. Algorithms can help pinpoint the best time to remind patients to take a medication, giving a boost to observance. It helps navigate patients through follow-up and insurance issues. And a new initiation of wearable medical devices delivers a stream of data points that promise to transform care.
  4. Outposts of Community Care: Residents of underserved communities can face a lifetime of poor health outcomes. Poorer Americans are more likely to go without preventive measures or wait until an illness gets serious before seeking help, which is one reason that the gap in life expectancy between rich and poor is growing.
  5. Where Cost Transparency Works:More clarity in drug costs might help consumers manage tightening health care budgets, letting them make more informed decisions.One potential solution for this problem has been to make prices more readily available to consumers. With more transparency around out-of-pocket prices, the public can make smarter choices about their providers.

The future of US Health Care is a national conversation, one that includes health care professionals, community members, industry leaders, and the millions of people they serve. By listening to and understanding what consumers want, we at FindInsurance.com help bring about an ongoing process of providing care that is smarter, more efficient and far more effective.

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