As a car enthusiast, you know the value of keeping your vintage or antique vehicles in pristine condition. However, what’s the fun of having a classic car if you can’t drive it from time to time? Whether it’s heading to car shows or just hitting the town in style, taking to the streets in your old-school ride is a feeling that few get to experience. However, because accidents happen, it’s imperative that you can buy classic car insurance online to ensure that you’re protected.

At, we understand how important your antique vehicles are. That’s why we make it easy to get vintage car insurance so that you can drive with peace of mind. Learn about the various ins and outs of this type of coverage so that you can be sure you have the best coverage available.

What Is Classic Car Insurance?

One thing about standard vehicles is that they depreciate in value over time. With vintage autos, however, the opposite is true. Instead of depreciating, these vehicles will either maintain their value or appreciate over time. Part of the reason is that they are much harder to find.

The other aspect of classic car insurance is calculating the value that you’ve put into the vehicle. For example, if you’ve spent countless hours restoring a vintage Chassis to its former glory, you want to have a policy that covers the cost of all of the various parts and labor that went into it. When you search for classic car insurance online, it’s imperative that you find a carrier that understands all of these elements.

What’s Considered a “Classic Car?”

For you, a 1990¬†Toyota Corolla may be considered “classic,” but most insurance companies won’t offer vintage car insurance for it. Thus, when searching for the best classic car insurance, you will have to talk with your agent to see if your vehicle qualifies. For the most part, companies consider a car to be “classic” if it’s both fun to drive and maintains or appreciates in value over time.

Do Regular Auto Insurers Cover Classic Cars?

For the most part, vintage auto owners like to buy classic car insurance online from carriers that specialize in that sort of thing. While you may be able to get a policy from a company like State Farm or Progressive, they may not be able to evaluate your car as well as a specialty service.

Does Classic Car Insurance Cover Driving?

For some owners, their vintage automobiles are mostly for display purposes, meaning that they try not to drive them at all. For others, part of the appeal of having a classic car is the ability to take it on the road and show off all of your hard work. When finding the best classic car insurance, you will want to talk to your agent about whether or not you drive it. This will affect your policy rates and premiums.

Coverage Requirements

Some insurance carriers may have certain requirements in place to qualify for classic car insurance. While they can vary from company to company, they include things like:

  • Original factory condition
  • Climate-controlled garage
  • In good or excellent condition
  • Minimal driving

Buy Classic Car Insurance Online

At, we know how critical it is to find the right coverage. We’ll connect you with the top vintage car insurance companies so that you can find the right policy for your needs.