When the weather gets hotter, it’s time to break out the watercraft and take to the lake or river. Having a boat, jet ski, or other personal watercraft (PWC) is a great way to spend your days relaxing and having fun. However, as enjoyable as being on the water can be, it’s imperative that you’re protected with the right boat insurance coverage.

At Findinsurance.com, we are committed to keeping you and your family safe. Whether you’re on a sailboat, a motorboat, or a dinghy, we want to connect you with top boat insurance companies so that you can find a plan that works best for you. Staying safe on the water is always a priority, and having personal watercraft insurance can provide peace of mind.

Which Boats Can Be Covered?

Fortunately, most boat insurance companies can cover almost anything you put on the water, whether it’s a small jet ski or a full-size yacht. When looking for the right boat insurance coverage, you will want to provide as many details about your craft as possible. Include features like personal belongings, internal systems (i.e., a bathroom or shower onboard), and anything else that you want to protect.

What Affects the Cost?

Because boats are not as ubiquitous as cars, trucks, and other land vehicles, it’s not as easy to find a cheap policy. While different companies will create their plans based on specific elements, here are some common areas that they will pay attention to:

  • Boat Size – the bigger the boat, the more chance it has of running into something. Also, it will likely have more internal systems, such as a kitchen or bathroom, which can affect the cost of your policy.
  • Boat Value – if your boat or PWC is damaged, you want to be able to repair it to new condition or replace it as necessary. Thus, it’s imperative that your carrier can appraise your boat beforehand, including any personal items on board.
  • Boat Use – do you take your craft out only once or twice a year for vacation? Or do you use it for more daily activities like fishing or exploring? Do you live on your boat for part of the year? All of these factors will influence the type and cost of boat insurance coverage you can get.
  • Owner Experience – if you’re a brand-new boat operator, then most boat insurance companies will set your premiums a little higher. While you can mitigate these costs by taking a boat safety course, the best way to lower your rates is to show that you’ve piloted your boat for a long time. The more hours you can put in behind the wheel, the better.
  • Diesel Engines – another way that you can save money is if you buy a boat with a diesel engine. Because diesel is much more reliable than standard boat fuel, it will put less wear and tear on the engine and keep your craft in better condition.

What Coverage Do I Need?

As with any type of vehicle insurance, you have to make sure that you understand what policies are available. Here are some standard options offered by boat insurance companies.

  • Liability, Personal and Property: If you run into another boat or you get injured while you’re on the water, you want this kind of boat insurance coverage. Essentially, it protects you if any damage was your fault. Other things that are covered include pollution damage and wreckage removal.
  • Collision: You may be boating on crowded waters, which means that it’s possible for you to collide with another craft. This coverage also protects your boat if you hit something else, such as rocks underneath the surface.
  • Comprehensive: You can’t always control what happens to your boat. This policy will protect against theft, environmental damage, or vandalism.

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