When it comes to natural disasters, earthquakes are relatively uncommon, but they can be devastating. Even a minor quake can have severe repercussions on your property, from damaging the foundation to creating a flood from a burst pipe. Thus, it’s imperative that you get comprehensive earthquake insurance to protect both you and your family.

At Findinsurance.com, we understand that you want a policy that can give you peace of mind while still being affordable. That’s why we make it easy to find earthquake insurance for renters and homeowners, so that you’re covered no matter what. We connect you with top companies that will work with you to find the right coverage for your needs.

Do I Need Earthquake Insurance?

For many people, the idea of paying for this type of coverage seems unnecessary. Depending on where you live, earthquakes may not appear to be a threat, but that doesn’t mean that one won’t happen. If you live in an area that has had earthquake activity in the past and there is more projected in the future, then earthquake insurance is a must.

For example, living on the West Coast means that you should have the best earthquake insurance. Even though California gets all of the news about quakes, Oregon and Washington have had their fair share of trembles, with a big one expected in the near future.

Other areas that weren’t prone to tremors are also experiencing an uptick in earthquakes thanks to manmade geological processes like fracking. According to the USGS, about 90% of Americans live in areas that can be affected by tremors. This illustrates why it’s a good idea to have additional coverage – you never know what the future may hold.

Does My Homeowner’s Policy Cover Quakes?

Unfortunately, almost all homeowner’s insurance plans don’t include earthquake damage. For many property owners, this can come as a nasty surprise when a quake does hit, and they realize that they’re not covered. You can’t afford to make that mistake.

It’s imperative that you talk with your agent to find the right coverage options. You may be able to add earthquake insurance to your current homeowner’s policy, or you may decide to get a separate plan that is more comprehensive.

What’s Included in Earthquake Insurance?

One thing to understand about these policies is that they have a strict definition of what type of damage is caused by an earthquake. For example, if your foundation cracks because of a tremor, then you’re covered. However, if that quake also ruptures a water main that floods your basement, you may not get compensated for water damage.

That’s why you should have flood insurance as well, or include additional damages that may be a result of a quake. Some top insurance carriers will cover things like mud and landslides, whereas others may not. Overall, you will have to check with your agent to consider all potential damages that may occur as a result of a quake so that you can stay protected no matter what.

Typically, earthquake insurance covers the following:

  • Property Damage – if you have multiple properties on the premises (i.e., a detached garage or shed), you have to add them to the policy
  • Temporary Housing – if you have to move out as a result of earthquake damage, you can be compensated.
  • Contents Coverage – in some cases, you may be able to cover the cost of personal belongings that are damaged or destroyed by an earthquake

Get Earthquake Insurance Today

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