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Pumpkin Pet Insurance Review 2023

Pumpkin offers pet insurance policies for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens for pets ages 8 weeks and older. Applicants residing in any of the 50 states can sign up for multiple types of coverage, including accident protection, illness protection, and preventative care coverage. Every Pumpkin policy offers a reimbursement rate of up to 90%, with coverage limits caps offered at $10k, $20k, or unlimited.

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  • 90% reimbursement rate on all policies
  • Extensive accident and illness coverage
  • Personalized, free quote ready in 5 minutes
  • Visit any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada

Our Summary

We consistently rate Pumpkin as one of our top pet insurance companies because of its extensive coverage and inclusive application. Pumpkin’s comprehensive plan helps provide financial coverage for a variety of accidents and illnesses, while its preventative coverage add-on gives pet owners the option of increasing their protection.

About Pumpkin Pet Insurance

Pumpkin pet insurance simplifies the signup process by offering one coverage plan, plus an optional add-on package for preventative care. Pumpkin’s primary coverage plan protects pets against accidents and illnesses, helping to cover the medical expenses associated with testing and treating a variety of ailments. Its preventative add-on package—called “Preventive Essentials”—helps cover the medical costs of annual checkups, vaccines, and parasite screenings.

How Does Pumpkin Pet Insurance Work?

Pumpkin applicants start by applying for coverage in a process that’s 100% online. During the application, applicants will be asked to answer questions regarding their pet’s medical history and life, such as their overall health, where they live, and more.

After submitting their application, applicants usually hear back within a day or two. If approved, an applicant can activate their policy immediately.

Like many pet insurance companies, Pumpkin has a waiting period before any policy takes effect. Policyholders must wait 14 days before submitting any claims. Any accidents or illnesses that onset during the waiting period will not be eligible for coverage.

After the waiting period, policyholders can submit a claim through Pumpkin’s online portal anytime they like. Policyholders pay out-of-pocket at their vet, collect an itemized bill, and then submit a photo of their vet bill as part of the online claim. If the claim is approved, the policyholder receives 90% reimbursement on their bill via check or direct deposit (after the policyholder meets their deductible).

Pumpkin Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Extensive, base coverage plan No accident-only coverage
90% reimbursement rate on all covered charges Little policy customization
Wide availability: any state, any pet over 8 weeks

Pumpkin State Availability

Pumpkin pet insurance is available in all 50 states.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Plans

Pumpkin offers one base pet insurance plan as well as one add-on option: a preventative coverage package.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance (Accident and Illness)

Pumpkin’s base pet insurance policy helps policyholders pay for the cost of a pet’s treatments, medications, tests, and other medically-necessary services as the result of an accident or illness.

After meeting an annual deductible, policyholders receive a 90% reimbursement on all covered bills.

Pumpkin pet policies do have a maximum, meaning that reimbursement payments that exceed the annual maximum amount are no longer paid out. Applicants can select an annual policy maximum of $10,000, $20,000, or unlimited.

Pumpkin’s accident and illness coverage kicks in for a variety of veterinary scenarios, including:

  • Accidents:
    • Orthopedic Injuries
    • Swallowed Objects & Toxins
  • Illnesses:
    • Eye, Ear & Skin Infections
    • Digestive Illnesses
    • Hip Dysplasia
    • Cancer & Growths
    • Parasites & Infectious Diseases
  • Treatments and Medications:
    • Diagnostics & Treatments
    • Prescription Medications
    • Emergencies & Hospitalization
    • Surgery & Specialized Care
    • Advanced Care (e.g. Stem Cell Therapy)
  • Miscellaneous Care:
    • Microchipping
    • Hereditary Conditions
    • Dental Illnesses
    • Behavioral Issues
    • Vet Exam Fees for Accidents & Illnesses
    • Virtual Vet Visits for Accidents & Illnesses
    • Alternative Therapies (e.g. Acupuncture)
    • Prescription Food & Supplements*

Preventive Essentials

Preventive Essentials is Pumpkin’s version of preventative coverage, designed to help policyholders afford the types of veterinary treatments that prevent illnesses and diseases from occurring in the first place.

As an add-on feature, Preventive Essentials must be added to a policyholder’s base policy. Pricing varies from applicant to applicant, so we recommend interested applicants request a free quote from Pumpkin’s website.

Preventive Essentials provides reimbursement for three primary services:

  • Annual Wellness Exams
  • Vaccines at the Vet
  • Parasite Screening Tests

What’s Not Covered

Pumpkin does not provide coverage for any illness, accident, or scenario deemed a pre-existing condition. A condition is pre-existing in one of the following scenarios:

  • The condition has an onset that occurs before a policyholder’s application.
  • The condition has an onset that occurs before the 14-day waiting period has ended, which begins sometime after policy activation.

In some scenarios, Pumpkin offers coverage for pre-existing conditions that have healed. For more information and up-to-date policy restrictions, check out Pumpkin’s website.

Pumpkin Coverage Options and Customizability

Pumpkin’s base, accident and illness coverage plan always has a reimbursement rate of 90%. Alternatively, other details of the policy can be customized, including:

  • Annual Deductible: $100, $250, $500, or $1,000
  • Annual Maximum: $10k, $20k, or unlimited

Restrictions and Waiting Periods

Pumpkin has a 14-day waiting period, which begins sometime after contract activation. If a policyholder experiences a medical ailment during the waiting period, the ailment and its subsequent veterinary care are considered pre-existing and will not be eligible for coverage.

How Much Does Pumpkin Cost?

Pet insurance pricing is unique to every applicant. Underwriters take a variety of an applicant’s pet’s information into account, such as the pet’s age, gender, breed, and location, as well as policy details such as annual maximums and deductibles.

Pumpkin Dog Insurance

Dog insurance pricing varies greatly by dog breed. To best highlight these price fluctuations for our readers, we decided to alter the sample dog’s breed, but keep the sample dog’s age constant.

The following sample pricing is based on a fictional dog with these traits:

  • 1 year old
  • Male
  • Lives in Illinois
  • $10k annual limit
  • $500 deductible
Small Mix (<10 lbs.) Small Mix (11–25 lbs.) Medium Mix (26–50 lbs.) Large Mix (51–100 lbs.)
Accident + Illness $39.19/mo. $45.90/mo. $58.25/mo. $67.15/mo.
Accident + Illness + Preventive Essentials + $18.95/mo. + $18.95/mo. + $18.95/mo. + $18.95/mo.

Prices accurate as of 11/18/2022

Pumpkin Cat Insurance

Cat insurance varies less by breed, but more so by age. To best highlight these price fluctuations for our readers, we decided to alter the sample cat’s age, but keep the sample cat’s breed constant.

The following sample pricing is based on a fictional cat with these traits:

  • Domestic Shorthair
  • $15k annual limit
  • $500 deductible
  • Male
1 Year Old 3 Years Old 6 Years Old 12 Years Old
Accident + Illness $35.75/mo $35.75/mo $50.07/mo $128.36/mo
Accident + Illness + Preventive Essentials +$11.95/mo +$11.95/mo +$11.95/mo +$11.95/mo

Prices accurate as of 11/18/2022

Pumpkin Discounts

  • 10% Multi-Pet Discount: For each additional pet you add to a pet insurance policy, you’ll get 10% off your total premium prices.

Pumpkin’s Consumer Experience

Pumpkin policyholders have access to the Pumpkin online claims portal, which makes it easy to file a claim online at any time of day. Policyholders can simply click “File a Claim” on Pumpkin’s website, answer a few account questions, upload a photo of their veterinary bill, and (if accepted) receive a check or direct deposit reimbursement in a few days.


How long is the waiting period for Pumpkin pet insurance?

Pumpkin pet insurance policies have a 14-day waiting period.

Does Pumpkin pet insurance cover spaying and neutering?

No, Pumpkin does not cover spaying and neutering.

What behavioral issues does Pumpkin pet insurance cover?

Pumpkin pet insurance covers behavioral issues, but the details are not listed on Pumpkin’s website. For more details, we recommend applicants request a quote.

Does my vet accept Pumpkin pet insurance?

Yes! Pumpkin policyholders can see any licensed vet in the United States or Canada.

The Bottom Line

We highly recommend Pumpkin pet insurance to pet owners who want comprehensive, age-inclusive protection for their dogs and cats. Pumpkin’s base accident and illness coverage is generous and includes conditions and treatments that other insurers frequently exclude, like behavioral issues, dental illness, and microchipping.

*Pumpkin insurance covers prescription food & supplements to treat an eligible accident or illness. It does not cover prescription food & supplements used for weight management or general health maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pet insurance typically covers illness, accidents, behavioral issues, genetic conditions, chronic disorders, and alternative therapies recommended by veterinarians. Companies may offer additional offers or bonus packages for preventive care including annual appointments, vaccines, routine testing, de-worming, and more.
There are many different types of pet insurance covering a wide range of health needs. The most common types are comprehensive, accident-only, and preventive. Plans are often divided by animal type and age including dogs/cats, puppies/kittens, and sometimes even small or exotic animals can receive coverage.
An average pet insurance policy starts at roughly $15-25 per month for accident-only and preventative plans. A monthly premium for comprehensive pet insurance plans offering the most extensive coverage will cost an average of $40–$60 per month. Prices will vary based on provider features, plan selection, premium and deductible fees, number of pets, health needs, and more.
On average, pet insurance plans can save you anywhere from 25-85% annually. The amount of money saved will vary but policies should cover a significant portion of veterinary bills depending on the plan and specific treatments needed.