The rise of ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft has made it easier for people to get the transportation they need on demand. However, while requesting a ride is as easy as pushing a button, things are a little more complex for those behind the wheel. If you’re a driver for one of these companies, you need to get comprehensive rideshare insurance. At, we make it easy to get the coverage you need to stay protected on the road.

Let’s look at the various details to consider when finding car insurance for Uber drivers.

What Is Rideshare Insurance?

Technically speaking, this is a hybrid policy that combines both personal and commercial insurance coverage elements into one plan. Because you likely use your car for other things besides work, it’s imperative that you have a policy that covers you whenever you’re behind the wheel.

Does My Current Auto Policy Cover Ridesharing?

For the most part, standard auto insurance doesn’t include ridesharing in the policy. Even if you have comprehensive coverage, you may not be protected if you get into a collision while “on the clock.” Thus, it’s imperative that you talk with your insurance agent to see what gaps may be present.

Do I Need a Separate Policy?

When trying to find the best insurance for Uber drivers, you should be able to get a ridesharing policy that replaces your current coverage. This way, you don’t have to pay for two plans or worry about which plan covers what. When talking with your insurance agent, you will want to discuss all of the various elements necessary to get complete coverage, so that you can have peace of mind on the road.

Is Rideshare Insurance Necessary?

If you drive for a company like Uber or Lyft, they require that you have full coverage on your vehicle. While the companies also have their own insurance policies in place, you must have a comprehensive policy in your name to qualify for the service.

Can I Get Rideshare Insurance Anywhere?

While many of the top auto insurance companies do offer this type of plan, not all of them do. Thus, it’s imperative that you find the right carrier for your needs. Some of the items they will look at include:

  • Driving Record
  • Current Coverage
  • Personal vs. Work Driving Time
  • Your Location (City)
  • Number of Miles on Your Car
  • Number of Miles You Drive on Average

Does Uber’s Insurance Provide Sufficient Coverage?

As we mentioned, ridesharing companies do have their own policies in place to provide protection for both drivers and passengers. However, there is a significant gap that could pose potential problems. If you decide not to get ridesharing insurance, your personal coverage would not be active whenever you’re on the app. Uber or Lyft insurance is only in place while you’re on the way to pick up a fare, or while a passenger is in the car.

So, the time spent on the app waiting for a ride is not covered. Thus, if you got into an accident or a collision during this time, you would have to pay out of pocket. Rideshare insurance makes sure to fill in this gap and cover you at all times.

Buy Rideshare Insurance Today

Working for Uber or Lyft is a great way to earn extra cash on the side. However, all of that money isn’t worth it if you can’t get the coverage you need. At, we make it easy to connect with the top insurance companies to find the best insurance for Uber drivers. See what we can do for you.