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The 10 Most Popular Girl Dog Names

Expect to find lots of these good girls trotting around the park this summer.

C. Tarantino

June 5, 2023

Fur baby and human baby names are the same in many ways: they go in and out of fashion, they have hard-to-identify linguistic roots, and many are even the exact same name for both humans and dogs.

Find out which names were “in” last year with 2022’s top 10 female dog names.

1) Luna

Maybe it's the moon’s guidance over our astrological charts, or perhaps its gentle nighttime glow, that popularized the Greek word for “moon” to take the number 1 spot. No matter if you’re a Gemini, Scorpio, or somewhere in between, we can all agree that Luna makes for one cute puppy name.

2) Bella

Speaking of the night sky, the name “Bella” might stem from the success of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight book series. The protagonist of the vampire-romance-dramedy is named Bella (but if you remember Kristen Stewart’s iconic portrayal of the character back in the 2010s, you knew that already) and many past or present readers might have adopted the name for their puppy.

3) Daisy

Springtime flower, princess of the mushroom kingdom, and the third most popular name on our list, the name “Daisy” is as fun and light as the springtime itself (or as smile-inducing as a round of Mario Kart).

4) Lucy

From I Love Lucy, to “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” to the sci-fi thriller starring Scarlett Johanson of the same name, the name “Lucy” has dozens of cultural touchpoints. Regardless of an owner’s reasoning, this English name meaning “light” is a bright choice for any fur baby.

5) Willow

Meaning both “willow tree” and “freedom,” the name Willow represents a sense of grace and independence for any pet (or human!) with the same name.

As is always the rule with names that work for both pets and humans, we don’t recommend naming your dog Willow if a family member or friend shares the same name. “Willow, fetch” might sound rude at the Thanksgiving table.

6) Penny

The cutest coin also makes for one of the cutest pup names. While you might only associate Penny with $0.01, it’s also a shortened form of the Greek name “Penelope.”

7) Sadie

From its Hebrew origin, “Sadie” means princess. If you feel the same way about your pet as we feel about each of ours, Sadie is a name custom-fit for canine royalty.

8) Maggie

Originally short for the human name “Margaret,” Maggie has taken on a life of its own as an adorable name for any doggo. In its Greek origins, Margaret means “Pearl,” making it the perfect name for dogs who love the ocean and swimming.

9) Rosie

Rosie’s English origin means “rose”; as it happens, dogs that fit the “Rosie” name are proud of both their petals and their thorns. Just like the bandana-ed, ever-flexing Rosie the Riveter of America’s World War II era, the perfect Rosie is a pup who is equal parts loving, loyal, and courageous.

10) Ruby

Thanks to the precious red stone of the same name, “Ruby” is a great fit for pups that know a thing or two about elegance (we’re looking at you, show dogs). Even if your good girl is a little less-than-elegant, a July birthday would qualify her for the birthstone name all the same.


Our list of the 10 most popular girl dog names is derived from the list of owners who chose to register their female dogs with the American Kennel Club . The list combines the names of both pure-bred and mixed-breed pups.

Although this list excludes dogs who aren’t registered with the American Kennel Club, we feel it represents a wider sample size than the proprietary information offered by other, smaller pet companies or organizations.

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